22 Ways to Wrap Candy Boxes

Would you believe me if I told you that there are twenty-two ways to gift-wrap candy boxes?  Well, don’t just take my word for it.  Read on for some easy, cheap, and fabulous ideas:

  1. Pick out eye-catching pictures from the newspaper and use them at the top when you are wrapping. Make paper flowers out of the newsprint for further embellishment.
  2. Use a simple, paper bag to put your candy boxes in, and then decorate the bag with large, fabric flowers.
  3. Make ribbon and flowers from felt and decorate a plain gift box.
  4. Wrap cloth ribbon around a plain box and hang a tag from the ribbon.
  5. gift-with-a-fabric-flower

  6. Play with dimensions by using extra-wide bows on smaller or longer boxes.
  7. Criss-cross some string and thread a fake or real flower through.
  8. You don’t have to settle for candy boxes, you can go with candy bags! You can buy small, burlap bags and embellish with your own design using a stencil and fabric spray paint.
  9. Attach an old photograph and a gauzy rose and ribbon to give your package an old-timey (and slightly creepy) feel.
  10. Attach a postcard and pieces of nature (like leaves, twigs, dried flowers) that compliment the picture on the postcard.
  11. valentine-tag-box

  12. You don’t have to settle for the standard paper or fabric flowers. Get online and learn how to make calla lilies.
  13. Use a crossword puzzle to wrap your present in.
  14. Print out a Sudoku puzzle or wrapping paper template from the internet.
  15. Use paper doilies to dress-up your package.
  16. Paper bags come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller the more adorable, in my opinion.  They also come with a ton of different designs.  Close them with a miniature clothespin and attach a cardboard tag and not a single person can help saying, “Awwww!”
  17. Use fabric instead of your traditional wrapping supplies!
  18. Weave string or ribbon or flat sheets of paper over and around the candy boxes to make an awesome design called a “pixel weave”.
  19. Use washi tape to embellish and decorate plain gift wrapping.
  20. glue-glitter

  21. Don’t want to make paper or fabric flowers? Make paper or fabric hearts, instead!
  22. Use chalkboard paper and then embellish with a chalkboard marker.
  23. There is something just cool about felt. If the gift is small enough, use felt to wrap it with.
  24. Do not overlook the potential of plain, brown Kraft paper and twine!
  25. Be creative: embellish your gift with fair tickets, keys, paper cutouts, pendants of all shapes and sizes…the list goes on and on! And it’s a great way to clean out your junk drawer.

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